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This website is developed from over 45 years of professional experience in low cost and low energy housing design and participation in six city planning projects at the community level.

This is combined with the freesexsexygirls.com data collected over 30 years on community demographics and research into optimum sustainability solutions.

From this experience and research the technical methods of evaluating the demographics of communities and producing optimum housing by type and amount have been developed.

The economic social and environmental solutions presented on this website have also been tested for feasibility and market except ability in numerous projects.

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  • Introducing light rail transit as a freeway alternative
  • Introducing Condominium housing to allow higher density ownership
  • Using higher density housing forms to achieve low energy standards at no cost or below
  • Redesigning housing and neighbourhoods for better resident satisfaction
  • Improving home accessibility by increasing acceptance of higher apartment density forms
  • Allowing more reuse of commercial buildings by reforming zoning
  • Integrating streets and mixed use housing for better pedestrian use
  • determining optimum sprawl reduction by using existing infrastructure most efficiently.
  • Using demographics to determine optimum building types and numbers to be added to existing neighbourhoods to ensure full school enrollment and housing use in perpetuity
  • Using housing type and location to minimize transportation requirements
  • Protecting existing family housing from conversion to other uses or densification.
  • Adding family housing to communities that have had former losses.